A school based program that utilizes the values of 360 Nation (Creativity, Reflection, Resiliency and Hope) as a catalyst to promote leadership development and social emotional learning for youth grades 6-12.

 There's an old saying, "Give out little miracles and the whole hood is happy." Our Lil' Miracles program is a small but valuable token we like to give to the community. It allows us to build stronger relationships with community members by giving away food, educational literature and treats. 

A six-week summer program for youth ages 12-14 which focuses on Health and wellness, trauma informed / restorative practices and cultural education. The purpose of the Freedom School is to raise youth’s consciousness granting them the competence and confidence to become change agents in their communities.

An out of school program that provides an interactive space for youth and adults to engage in S.T.E.M, creative arts training, participatory action research, and mentorship. Through this intergenerational program we hope to equip participants with creative and technical skill sets that can lend to self-sustainability. 

This interactive educational training/experience (ages 16 and up) will challenge participants to expand their understanding of Restorative Justice. We are confident that our training will encourage participants to embody a more self-determined and holistic approach to community safety. Restorative Justice is a branch on the Transformative Tree of 360 Nation. Therefore, along with hands on circle keeping training, participants will gain an analysis that will not only help restore, but transform themselves and their communities.

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