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W.D. Floyd is the founder and lead organizer for 360 Nation.  He has over 10 years of experience as an educator, youth worker and organizer. He works with others to create intergenerational spaces that value individual gifts and talents as a catalyst for community transformation. W.D. Floyd believes that real community change is bottom up not top down. Therefore, he utilizes popular education and critical dialogue as a means to promote self-love and determination.

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Albert Murphy is a Chicago native and long time west-side resident. For Al, 360 Nation is a vessel that allows him to contribute to the political, social and economic development of Chicago’s Black community. Albert’s goal is to help further the mission of 360 Nation by working in collaboration with the west side community to promote healing, education and self determination.

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Cai Thomas is a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer telling stories about Black youth and their elders. She tells verite stories at the intersection of location, identity, and self-determination

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