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We often take for granted the importance of love and happiness in obtaining individual as well as collective liberation. The agency to utilize ingenuity and resources to fulfill these basic needs is not only a self-determined, but fully human act. Given the harsh reality of the Black American experience, our collective ability to manifest our desires has served as a driving force of our existence. Acts of service and sacrifice have served as a testimony to the miracle which is the grace, patience, humility, and bold imagination of Black people.

In 2015 when we began giving away snowballs on the West Side of Chicago. We didn’t set out to solely provide cold beverages on a hot summer’s day. We also used this small act of generosity to celebrate a Black existence that is often overlooked. The snowballs became a catalyst for community congregation, relationship building, and play. Lil Miracles demonstrates how deeply human acts can be highly political. And community initiatives should always strive to fill material as well as immaterial voids. 

Today, Lil Miracles has evolved into a mutual aid initiative (which operates out of Sumner Community Math and Science Academy) that provides fresh groceries, baby supplies, and PPE products to hundreds of families every month on the West Side of Chicago. 360 Nation believes in order for individuals, families, and communities to reach their highest potential, basic needs must be met. Black Americans make up 13.4% of U.S.A’s population, but 25.1% of the poverty rate. Food and essential insecurity is a byproduct of a societal injustice that only WE can solve. Lil Miracles strives to exemplify what it means when communities, schools, organizations, philanthropist, and most importantly, The People come together to facilitate authentic community transformation.

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